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Tinkerine Face Shield (Pro)
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Replacement Parts for Tinkerine Face Shield (10-Pack)
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Tinkerine Ear Relief (10-Pack)
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TruSight Anti-Fog Solution
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Tinkerine Face Shield and Tinkerine Ear Relief (“Tinkerine PPE”) are not sterile. Since the conditions and methods of assembly and use of Tinkerine PPE are beyond the manufacturer’s control, the manufacturer expressly disclaim any and all liability arising from any assembly and use of Tinkerine PPE. NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, IS MADE CONCERNING TINKERINE PPE. The user should thoroughly test any application before use. By assembling and using Tinkerine PPE, the user does so at their own risk and waives all claims against the manufacturer. The user releases the manufacturer from all liability, whether due to foreseeable or unforeseeable risks, relating to Tinkerine PPE. The user is solely responsible for their assembly and use of the Tinkerine PPE. The manufacturer is not responsible for errors or omissions relating to Tinkerine PPE. The manufacturer does not provide any medical advice.

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